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We are a qualified crew of Italian, Spanish and French teachers who offer fun and interactive classes.
Co-founder of the language crew school, italian teacher
Margherita Baldisserri
Co-founder of the language crew school, italian teacher
Sara Ceccarelli

Hello! We’re Margherita and Sara, co-founders and directors of The Language Crew. We think that speaking a new language is one of the most wonderful and challenging skills to have, and we love nothing more than helping new students discover the joy of picking up a new language. The Language Crew classes are special because they are centered on the rich culture of each language. The fun and relaxed atmosphere means we often see students progress at lightning speed, simply because they are having so much fun!


    If you’ve always wanted to arrive at your favourite holiday spot and have a chat in the native tongue, then The Language Crew is perfect. We have classes for every level, so no matter if you aren’t sure how to pronounce ciao, hola or ça va, or if you want to improve your fluency and accuracy, you will find a class that will be perfect for you.


    Students love learning with The Language Crew because our teachers are professional, inspiring and brimming with enthusiasm. They are all native speakers, this means students learn to speak like a person and not like a textbook. Every teacher at The Language Crew is also fully qualified and has significant teaching experience both in UK and abroad.


    It’s impossible to become truly fluent in a new language without immersing yourself in its culture. That’s why The Language Crew offers students brilliant extra activities which help bring the language to life. We organise social events and cultural workshops in London, as well as popular summer courses in Italy.

Our Classes

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Italian, French, Spanish Group Classes Courses Lessons in London, covent garden
Group Classes

Our small and lively group classes are a wonderful way to learn Italian, Spanish and meet others who share your passion and interest in learning a language.

Italian, French, Spanish Language Courses Lessons Classes in companies and for companies in London
Language Clubs

Keen to learn Italian, Spanish or French but prefer to avoid travel? The Language Crew can come to you. Our experienced and inspiring teachers will come to your office and can happily arrange breakfast, lunchtime or after work classes.

Italian, French, Spanish,  Private Lessons in London: all levels all budgets competitive prices
Private lessons & Skype

Zoom into Italian, Spanish or French with a private class - the quickest way to boost your language skills. We offer 1-to-1 and 2-to-1 lessons that will focus on your specific interests.

Italian Language Holidays Classes Courses trip to Italy. Language vacations trips to Frence and Spain coming soon
Language Holidays

Boost your grammar and vocabulary while sampling the sights, sounds and cuisine of Bell’Italia. Our popular language holidays are where you can put your shiny new Italian skills into practice. They are the perfect balance of culture, language and relaxation.


This is the list of our super competitive prices. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.

Extra Event

Italian-style aperitivi, tapas nights, wine tastings, art seminars in the target language, interactive workshops – and much more. Join the crew!

Learning a language doesn’t stop in the classroom, in fact it’s just the beginning. The Language Crew language courses have a ranging of enriching extra activities that make the language truly come to life and give you the chance to put your new skills in action in a fun and relaxed setting. When you study a foreign language with us you have the chance to come to regular social events such as Italian-style aperitivi, tapas nights and delicious wine and food tastings, and also to cultural workshops on art, Italian gestures and cuisine. Discover the rich culture that underpins the foreign language you are learning, join your classmates and colleagues, meet native-speakers, all while diving deeper into the pleasure of learning it! Join us at our next event.

language holiday

The most immersive way to learn Italian, meet Italians and experience the wonderful Italian culture - all in one great adventure!

Any language comes to life the minute you step foot into the motherland. One of the fastest (and most fun) ways to super charge your language skills is to take yourself on a Language Holiday to Italy. A Language Holiday with us offers you a delicious balance of skill building, relaxation and unforgettable activities. We currently offer two types of Language Holidays depending on students’ needs and preferences. One is in collaboration with R.italy: it is a “learning on the spot” total immersion experience, with locals and tutors available at all time. The other one, fully provided by The Language Crew, also includes an intensive Italian course.

Our Team

Check our awesome team members who always work hard to provide quality courses.
Margherita Baldisserri: Italian Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Margherita Baldisserri
Co-founder - Italian Teacher

About me

Buongiorno! My name is Margherita and I’ve been teaching Italian in Italy and the UK since 2006. I’m a highly experienced language teacher and a qualified anthropologist, so I always make sure my classes bring the vibrancy of Italian to life.

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Sara Ceccarelli: Italian Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Sara Ceccarelli
Co-founder - Italian Teacher
About me

Ciao a tutti! I’m Sara! I’m an Italian teacher and I’ve been in love with my job since day one. I truly love nothing more than seeing students reach their potential and master a new language. I hold many degrees in modern languages and literature and love the energy that comes from a classroom full of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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Roberta Capotondi: Italian Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Roberta Capotondi
Italian Teacher

About me

Ciao! Mi chiamo Roberta, I'm from Rome. My passion for teaching started when I moved to the UK. I did not expect so many students in love with the Italian language and since then I have been so happy to share my language and my culture with them. My background is in fine art’s management, theatre, classical music and opera and I always try to use my knowledge about arts in my lessons.

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Begoña Maldonado: Spanish Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Begoña Maldonado
Spanish Teacher

About me

¡Hola! Me llamo Begoña and I´m from Granada in southern Spain, the home of the world famous Alhambra. My passion for teaching began three years ago after I moved to the UK and I started to teach Spanish to adults.

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Ana Fernandez: Spanish Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Ana Fernandez
Spanish Teacher

About me

¡Hola! My name is Ana and I'm from Málaga, a sunny and touristy city in the South of Spain. I've been helping to spread Spanish language in the UK for more than two years now. I need to say that I really love to see students’ happy faces when they're able to build their first sentences in my mother tongue. Great experience for both, students and teacher!

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Valerie de La Rochette: French Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Valerie de La Rochette
French Teacher

About me

Salut! I’m Valerie and I’m from Auvergne in France and am a very experienced French teacher. I have a background in marketing, publishing and media but teaching French to foreigners and sharing my culture is my true passion. I’ve been learning languages for many years so I can really empathise with all my students.

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Pauline Boichon: French Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Pauline Boichon
French Teacher

About me

Bonjour bonjour ! I'm Pauline, I am French from a small city close to Lyon. I have a secret… French can be fun! Oui oui oui! I have been teaching in London for the past four years, mainly adults. I like languages!

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Cruz Rivas: Spanish Teacher. I am the best teacher for you, join the language crew and let me teach you my language
Cruz Rivas
Spanish Teacher

About me

¡Hola, qué tal? Me llamo Cruz and I am here to help and guide you through the learning of my beautiful language ¡Español!. I was born in the always sunny and warm country of Venezuela and I also spent part of my life in my mother's land, the beautiful Spain, so when I  teach I love to point the differences and similarities that make our language and culture so rich and colourful.

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