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Bea Uzal

About me

¡Hola, hola! My name is Bea and I am from the beautiful region of Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain.

Languages, cultures, and teaching are my passion. I find my job not only very rewarding for seeing my students achieve their goals, but also fulfilling because in every lesson I get to learn from and with my students through their knowledge and experiences, which helps me grow both as a teacher and as a person.

My approach

Learning a language is hard work. However, I believe everybody can do it if there is motivation, both on part of the teacher and the students. I always bring my enthusiasm to my lessons to create an excellent learning environment in which my students can feel confident and comfortable, and also have fun! Everyone’s needs and learning style are different, and that’s why I like to know my students and use different types of activities depending on their profiles. Learning a language also means learning another culture, and for this reason you will always feel a touch of Spain in my classes.

 Academic qualifications

  • MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (International University of La Rioja, Spain). Thesis focused on Multiple Intelligences applied to language teaching.

  • BA (Hons) in English Studies and Linguistics (University of A Coruña, Spain)

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