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Isabelle Chalvignac

About me

Bonjour ! My name is Isabelle, and I come from Versailles (Yes, the city with the Palace ;-). I have been in London for 7 years, and teaching French since then. I love being a French teacher, especially sharing my language and culture with students. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students progress and become more and more independent in their learning.

My approach

I try my best to make students feel comfortable in the classroom to encourage them to speak a lot. I use different teaching techniques depending on students’ needs and personalities. Bad news: I love grammar. Good news: I always incorporate grammar points to serve an immediate communicative goal! Grammar is essential (the key for your independence!) and can be very interesting to understand a language, a way of thinking and a culture. Besides, I really focus on receptive skill. This is why I always include activities to help students to develop their listening or reading skills.

Academic qualifications:

  • French teacher trainer at International House for 2 years
  • International House certificate in French language teaching to adults (CFLTA) in 2010
  • MA Political Sciences and Communication
  • Bachelor in Law, private law speciality

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